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  • Exam: FCE
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  • Part 2, Exam 3


For questions 1 - 12, read the text below and type the word which best fits each gap.
Use only 1 word in each gap. You must type your answer in CAPITAL LETTERS.

Example: (0) = ' THE '.

Young enterprise

How prepared are you for (0) future? You are studying to obtain qualifications for your chosen career, but what (1) getting the business skills necessary to make your career a success? How do you gain the advantage (2) will get you your dream job? Perhaps you even have an ambition to set (3) a business yourself?

(4) year since 2007, when the Young Enterprise Programme began, hundreds of thousands of young people have gained a head start while they are still at school by taking part (5) the programme. There, they have gained key business skills and knowledge, either through a series of workshops (6) through starting and running their own real company. At Young Enterprise we believe that it is important for learning to (7) exciting, fun and hands-on, which is (8) our programmes are run on the principle of learning by doing.

(9) participate in a programme, your first step is to consult your school. Your school will need to become a centre if it has (10) yet done so. It can register as (11) of these by contacting the nearest Young Enterprise office. Once it (12) registered as a centre, you can get started!

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